Oscar Hernandez

Oscar is an entrepreneurial engineer based out of Riverside, CA.

Title Instructor, Institution
Category Theory Seminar J. Baez, UC Riverside Department of Mathematics
Introduction To SWI-Prolog A. Ogborn, SWI-Prolog
Blockchain Theory 101 M. Swan, Udemy


Title Instructor, Department, Institution
Bayesian Statistics H. Lee, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, UC Santa Cruz
Machine Learning A. Ng, Coursera
IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts Google
System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services Google
Operating Systems and You Google
The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking Google
Coursera Mentor Community and Training Course Coursera
Game Theory M. O. Jackson, Economics, Stanford University
Data Science Ethics H. V. Jagadish, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan
Technical Support Fundamentals Google


Product Design, Google C. Saden
Intro to the Design of Everyday Things D. Norman
Introduction to Psychology, San Jose State University S. Snycerski
Networking for Web Developers K. Krueger
Introduction to Operating Systems, Georgia Tech A. Gavrilovska
Compilers, Georgia Tech C. Gamboa
Programming Languages W. Eeimer
Database Systems Concepts & Design, Georgia Tech L. Mark
Google Maps APIs, Google Emily Keller
Front End Frameworks, Google R. Kalehoff
Web Tooling & Automation, Google P. Bakaus
Introduction to Relational Databases K. Krueger
JavaScript Design Patterns B. Jaffe
Object-Oriented JavaScript, Hack Reactor M. Wales
C++ For Programmers C. Gamboa


Title Instructor, Department, Institution
Paradox and Infinity A. Rayo, Philosophy, MIT
The Computing Technology Inside Your Smartphone D. Albonesi, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University
The Basics of Transport Phenomena R. Mudde, Chemical Engineering, Delft University of Technology
Vibrations and Waves Y-J Lee, Physics, MIT
Electricity and Magnetism Lecturer P. Dourmashkin, Physics, MIT
Mechanics D. Chakrabarty, Physics, MIT
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs H. Abelson, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Bard College at Simon’s Rock

(Number, Credits) Title Instructor Semester
(PHIL216, 0) Philosophy of Science S. Ruhmkorff Spring 2017
(MATH321, 4) Modern Algebra II L. Lim Spring 2017
(LR120M2, 1) Digital Privacy K. McGuire Spring 2017
(CMPT364, 4) Artificial Intelligence A. Williams Spring 2017
(CMPT353, 4) Combinatorial Algorithms A. Williams Spring 2017
(BAST405, 4) Senior Thesis II A. Williams Spring 2017
(MATH330, 4) Statistics I W. Dunbar Fall 2016
(MATH310, 4) Complex Analysis W. Dunbar Fall 2016
(MATH303B, 2) Computational Geometry M. Krembs Fall 2016
(CMPT324, 0) Chaos & Fractals H. Hastings Fall 2016
(BAST404, 4) Senior Thesis I A. Williams Fall 2016
(WKS400, 0) Senior Thesis Workshop W. Dunbar Summer 2016
(ECP711, 4) Dynamics of Neural Networks H. Hastings Summer 2016
(MATH364, 4) Ordinary Differential Equations P. Dragon Spring 2016
(MATH313, 4) Analysis II L. Lim Spring 2016
(ECON300TA, 0) Stochastic Processes J. T. Young-Taft Spring 2016
(CMPT360T, 4) Scientific Computing H. Hastings Spring 2016
(CMPT352, 4) Graph Theory & Combinatorics A. Williams Spring 2016
(MATH354, 4) Topology I W. Dunbar Fall 2015
(MATH312, 4) Analysis I L. Lim Fall 2015
(ECP711, 2) Programming iOS Apps D. Leute Fall 2015
(CMPT320, 4) The Theory of Computation A. Williams Fall 2015
(CMPT300T, 4) Combinatorial Generation A. Williams Fall 2015
(PHIL213, 3) Formal Logic B. Conolly Spring 2015
(MATH232, 3) Introduction to Number Theory L. Lim Spring 2015
(MATH221, 3) Vector Calculus W. Dunbar Spring 2015
(CMPT252, 3) Discrete Mathematics A. Williams Spring 2015
(CMPT243, 3) Algorithms and Data Structures A. Williams Spring 2015
(SS251, 4) Seminar III J. T. Young-Taft Fall 2014
(MATH220, 3) Linear Algebra W. Dunbar Fall 2014
(LATN204, 3) CP Intermediate Latin I: Roman Civilization and Vergil C. Callanan Fall 2014
(CMPT100, 3) Introduction to Computer Science J. Liscombe Fall 2014
(CHEM100+L, 4+0) Chemistry I+Lab P. Dooley Fall 2014
(SART103, 3) Drawing I J. Fossum Spring 2014
(MATH211, 3) Calculus II C. Thatcher Spring 2014
(LATN101, 4) Accelerated Beginning Latin II C. Callanan Spring 2014
(FS101, 4) Seminar II - Knowing: Revolution and Enlightenment B. Conolly Spring 2014
(ECON101, 3) Macroeconomics M. Moeni Feizabadi Spring 2014
(MATH210, 3) Calculus I C. Thatcher Fall 2013
(LIT264, 3) CP Nature & Literature J. Hutchinson Fall 2013
(LATN100, 4) Accelerated Beginning Latin I C. Callanan Fall 2013
(FS100+FL, 4) Seminar I - Origins: Self and Cosmos + Lab W. Brown + B. Mikesell Fall 2013
(WKS100, 0) Writing and Thinking Workshop Y. Zhao Summer 2013

Khan Academy

Titles Subject
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance & Capital Markets Economics & Finance
Grammar, World History, US History, US Government and Politics Arts & Humanities
Computer Programming Computing
Chemistry, AP Physics 2, Cosmology & Astronomy Science
K-8th Grades Math Math